From 1912-1916 Sears Roebuck and Company sold motorcycles built by various manufacturers. From 1913-14 these were built by Thor.

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Spacke engined Sears de Luxe single

In particular Sears engaged the Excelsior Company of N. Sangamon Street, Chicago, (not the same as owned by Ignaz Schwinn) to produce motorcycles bearing their name. The Sears Dreadnaught had a Schebler carburetor, eclipse clutch and counter-shaft, positive chain drive to the rear wheel and a Spacke made 70 cubic inch engine.  Sears used quality components in their machines and sold them at a competitive price to the ever-burgeoning American sales catalogue mail order market.


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Sears de Luxe Dreadnaught

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Sears Dreadnaught photos by courtesy of Sandy Rhodes of Tazbat Publishing, Ltd.


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